3 Ways to Sell Your Art

If you’re an artist, there’s no doubt your motive for working is the desire to touch your community, and maybe the whole world in your unique way while making money doing something that you love to do. You can paint or draw all day, but if you don’t have any idea how to sell it or if you make zero effort to promote it, your fulfilling lifestyle won’t last long. It’s imperative if you want to succeed as an artist, that you get your work in front of potential buyers both efficiently and inexpensively.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to get started in self-promotion.

Start Local and Network
If you are just beginning to sell your art, it’s a good idea to focus on building your name locally, trying to build a collector base in person little by little as you pursue an online identity. There are often local events where you can mingle and get to know others who have an interest in your medium and that which you try and convey.

There are always events you can get involved in locally to spread your name and art in your community. Check out street fairs, art shows, and studio shows. These types of events are great for meeting those in your field and most often are happy to support eachother.

Another idea is charity work – you can donate time to paint in a local school, or teach pottery classes, or any other type of skill. There are always places looking for artists interested in sharing their time and expertise. The gifts you share will always come back to you.

Develop a Strong Portfolio
Your primary marketing piece is your portfolio, so your goal is twofold; you need to decide on a brand for yourself, as well as pull together an excellent package for your presentation.

  • A few things to consider would be the quality of your photographs. You can’t take short-cuts on your prints – be sure they are top-notch.
  • Also, you’ll want to include a text along with your photos including details such as the title of your piece, size, and medium.
  • Include your bio as well. Write about your background, your story, and what inspires you as well as your objective.

Create an Online Presence
There are a lot of online art galleries where you can create an online portfolio. New collectors often visit these popular websites, and there are many out there so take advantage and add your work.

Get yourself a website. This tip is a no-brainer considering the cyber age in which we live. There are a lot of great platforms out there which specialize in galleries and have produced beautiful pages revolving around photography and art promotion.

Once you have your website set up, open your social media accounts. Doing so will generate a lot of traffic as you’re able to share your work with your fans, and they in turn, share it with theirs; your potential audience grows exponentially. Check out Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for starters.

There’s no need to be overwhelmed. It’s not necessary to figure everything out and implement it all at once. These are baby steps that you can take at your own comfortable pace. Keep in mind, the first step is simply defining your target; determining your aim and objective. The rest will fall in line.