3 Reasons to Exhibit in a Trade Show

Exhibiting your business at a trade show has many benefits such as giving your company credibility, visibility and building overall authority in your field. Also, it can be a platform to create new relationships with others in your field and gain a lot of new customers quickly. Although exhibiting can be costly, if you to it right, the payoff will far outway the cost. We’ll outline a few good reasons to attend a trade show in hopes of encouraging your company to participate and reap the rewards.

Generate targeted, quality business leads.

One of the biggest advantages to attending these business trade shows is to expand your company base. The types of people to participate in these kinds of events, tend to be highly motivated and interested in the particular products/services in your field. Many times, they are there looking to do business and will often make a deal right then and there. These are considered “hot leads” as opposed to cold – those you may find from a database, or a business directory.

It is imperative that you make your sales team aware of the sales goals, and that they are well-trained and prepared for each event. If you have the right sales strategies in place, one show could generate more sales than a typical six months to a year’s usual sales work.

Your sales team should be fully prepared and positioned to meet the many people who walk by your booth. They should collect all contact information and have an aggressive follow-up plan for when they get back to the office the following week.

Explore your competitors

There are incredible opportunities at trade shows to learn what’s going on with your competitors and others in similar or exact fields of work. Hopefully, the event you choose to exhibit yourselves in will be one that has hundreds of exhibitors and expects a large number attendees.

Part of the proper planning of your event needs to include enough staff so you can send some out to explore the exhibition hall. In this time, they should bring their business cards and either aggressively network with other companies in business to business relationship, or can pose as customers and ask pointed questions to find out areas where your business may be lacking. They should be taking notes along the way of the ideas that they will come across, summarize and present them to the rest of the team upon returning to the work place. They should take note of the booths that have the most attendees and try and learn what they are doing to attract them. Also, they should take notes of the deals and giveaways they are finding.

Present your brand and build authority and strength

Another great benefit to taking part in a trade show is to expand your brand and recognition among those in your field and customer base. When you have a professionally designed booth, you make a powerful first impression.

Branding is a huge aspect of business success, especially in industries that depend on trust and reputation. Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way to enter the “big league,” and if you are strategic, you’ll succeed. If there’s any time to redesign your branding, it’s before an event like this. As part of your preparation, hire professional agencies to redesign your website, if it is outdated. Also, be sure that it is cohesive with your booth, brochures, business cards, etc. These events are an opportunity to show the quality of your company through the excellent visuals in your exhibit. Your beautiful branding will reveal that your business is reliable, professional and that you’re a qualified group of business people. Not only this, your presence in a well-prepped exhibit will reveal that you are a leader in your field.